Dramaturgical Resume

As both a production and consulting dramaturg, Eric works to bring the company and audience into communion with the story the playwright is trying to tell.  This includes research, analysis, and generally functioning as the production's spare brain.  This spare brain is also a fierce advocate for the script, and dedicated to keeping lines of communication open between collaborators.

Eric also works extensively as a new play dramaturg, working to expand the dramatic canon.  This has included directing and dramautrgy work with the Mid American Theatre Conference's Playwriting Symposium, extensive collaboration with playwrights and lobbying artistic directors to consider their work, and having served as the founder and inaugural Artistic Director of the Coastal Empire New Play Festival in Savannah, GA.

Educational outreach is a key part of the work of any dramaturg, and so Eric has also authored numerous study guides for schools looking to use theatrical productions in classroom settings. 


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